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Outerwear For Doctors: The Ultimate Guide On Outerwear Options

Outerwear for doctors, like lab coats, protects them from the cold, makes them look professional, and creates a barrier between them and hospital contaminants.

They also prevent contamination from spreading outside the lab and are a detachable barrier in case of hazardous product spills or splashes.

Best Medical Outwear Jackets For Doctors

Some of the best-performance fleece jacket outwear can help doctors keep warm on cold nights.

Here’s a look at the best medical outwear jackets for doctors.

Women's Med Couture Performance Fleece Jacket Outwear

This one is made of polyester with zipper closure. It is machine washable, and has the following features;

    • Offers an excellent fit- With a hair tie zipper pull, two front in-seam flap pockets, 2 hidden inner pockets, and rear logo reflectors - 26" long from the rear center.
  • Comes in next-gen fiberIn addition to keeping you warm and comfortable, the integrated performance fleece jacket outwear material keeps up with your demanding and energetic lifestyle.
    • It’s easy to maintain - because a medical practitioner has a busy lifestyle they are no match for the medical couture performance fleece jacket outwear.  The polyester performance fabric is fade- and stain-resistant.
    • Multipurpose use -The best approach to dress for any weather is in layers. You may shift from hot summer to a cool one, air-conditioned workplace in style with Medical Couture performance fleece jacket outwear Layers.

    Cherokee Infinity Women's Medical Outwear

    Cherokee's warm-up outerwear for women is zip-front warm-up outerwear made of sturdy polyester and flexible spandex for varied, comfortable wear.

    You may zip it up to your neck if you're really cold, or keep it halfway on mild days. The material is machine washable and can also be tumble-dried without fear of shrinkage.

    The zip is extremely durable and features the Cherokee insignia for an extra accent. It is available in 13 vibrant colors to match your scrubs.


    • Stretchy fabric
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Durable zipper


    • The fabric is a little thin.
    •  Tad is excessive length, and the pockets are not particularly deep.

    Cherokee Medical Outwear Core Stretch Jacket For Women

    Cherokee outerwear core stretch jacket for women has a similar appearance to a standard top, but it’s made of a more lasting fabric and features a zip front.

    The pockets are also roomy and can accommodate all medical needs, such as stethoscopes, scissors, and a mobile phone.

    The performance fleece jacket outwear is machine-washable for convenience, but because the material is a cotton and polyester mix, it may shrink more when in a dryer.

    It is recommended to hang to dry for it to retain its shape. Additionally, this medical outwear is available in a single gray color.


    • Pockets are deep
    • Front zippered the entire length
    • Sleeves with cuffs remain intact


    • The material may shrink somewhat in the dryer.
    • There is only one color option.
    • The lighter material is ideal for the summertime.

    Cherokee Sport Scrub Medical Outwear Jacket, Luxe

    The Cherokee sport scrub jacket, luxe, is engineered to both be permeable and toasty.

    It's made of rayon, polyester, and elastane, which makes it extremely elastic and long-lasting.

    It features mesh shoulders as well as sides to make you comfortable and cool whenever you most need it.

    Additionally, the mesh provides a fashionable accent to a plain jacket.

    This zip-front warm-up outwear is available in a variety of colors and styles, each with added decoration on the pockets for a trendy, entertaining look.

    Why Do Doctors Need Medical Outwear?

    There are many reasons why doctors need to dress in medical outwear. Here’s a look at some of these reasons;

    • They offer more room for their medical apparel. This is because medical outwear is made with large pockets on both sides of the clothing.
    • Medical outwear keeps doctors warm. This may not seem like a good reason for a doctor to wear medical clothes, but they probably work better when they are not shivering.
    • Medical outwear is soft and comfortable, which makes it easy to work while wearing them.
    • Medical outwear protects doctors from splashes and other types of contamination.

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