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The Best Materials For Work Scrubs In Hot Weather

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The Best Materials For Work Scrubs In Hot Weather

Clothing and uniforms play an essential role in the health care sector. Medical work scrubs are necessary for providing a quality healthcare service. Apart from making workers easily identified, workers can also benefit from wearing scrubs, such as being prevented from fluids from a patient.

However, while attending different activities is important, feeling comfortable in your clothing is also important to make you efficient. So let's consider the materials for work scrubs and the ones you should go for during summer. 


Types Of Materials For Medical Scrubs

The 4 major types of Scrubs are Cotton, Rayon, Spandex, and Polyester. These materials all have some particular properties that make them unique.

Usually, manufacturers mix two or more materials to arrive at the desired design. As health care workers want it, manufacturers aim to make durable, comfortable, and affordable scrubs.

To make nurses' scrub uniforms, for example, manufacturers might mix cotton and polyester or polyester and spandex to meet the wants of the wearers.



Cotton is a popularly used material. It's known for its softness, durability, and its breathability. However, it's not resistant to wrinkles.

Clothing that is totally made of cotton is no stranger to wrinkles.

Also, 100 percent cotton isn't a good option for materials that absorb moisture. So, cotton is a summer material when combined with other materials. Manufacturers often combine cotton and polyester to produce scrubs that are comfy and wick moisture.


Polyester is known for its wrinkle-resistant and moisture-wicking nature. It's also a durable synthetic material that is resistant to stains. However, polyester holds odors. Also, the type of weave and the size of the yarn are determinants of its breathability. 

Fabrics made from polyester are also usually cheaper compared to cotton.


Spandex is commonly used to give clothing some elasticity. This synthetic fiber can be stretched over 100 percent while retaining its shape. It can be combined with other fabrics to make it wrinkle-resistant, even though it is not wrinkle-resistant.

So, when searching for stretchy nursing scrubs online, go for scrubs with a bit of spandex content.



Some of the features of rayon are as follows: absorbent, lightweight, soft and smooth, and wrinkle-resistant.

Popularly known for its cooling feature, rayon is a breathable material. One of the things that makes it a good option for hot weather is its ability to dry quickly. Sadly, because it lacks moisture-wicking properties, it's not a good option for humid places.


Find The Best Materials For Work Scrubs

The best material for work scrubs depends on your work and the environment. Medical work scrubs are made for different uses. And usually, there are different types made to suit different weather. For the hot weather during summer, polyester combined with other materials is a good choice.

When searching for the best nursing scrubs online, here are the materials blends to go for:

  • Polyester and Cotton
  • Polyester and Rayon
  • Polyester and Viscose

If, as a nurse (or any other medical practitioner), you're searching for the best nursing scrubs, look out for scrubs that have any of the materials mentioned above. Nurses' scrubs uniform made from these materials is a good choice.

You should go for something breathable and comfortable. While prioritizing scrubs with moisture-wicking features, give attention to something lightweight and flexible.


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