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How To Wash Medical Work Scrubs

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How To Wash Medical Work Scrubs

Medical scrubs are essential for you as a medical practitioner. And we know that nothing is more important than your health and safety, especially when it comes to the health and safety of others. That's why Azur Scrub is here for you with our great line of medical scrubs.

Our work scrubs are made from cotton and polyester, which means they're soft enough to feel good all day but strong enough to last through whatever your day throws at them. When you buy nurse scrub uniforms from us, you get the best quality materials at an affordable price!

You can even order our nursing scrub online, and it will be shipped to your place.


Here are the tips on how to wash your medical scrubs

  1. Separate From Other Clothes

The first step is to separate the scrubs from other clothes. You don't want to mix your white scrubs with jeans or khakis and others that are not medical, as this may cause pilling and fade in the fabric over time.

If you have both scrubs (polyester and cotton), make sure they're separated to use suitable washing methods on every garment. For example, if one set needs dry cleaning but the other doesn't, they should be kept apart during washing, so they don't get mixed up at the dry cleaners later on!

  1. Use vinegar

Vinegar is a natural disinfectant, so it can help remove stains and odors from your scrubs. Vinegar’s mild acidity helps soften fabrics and remove bacteria, germs, and smells. It also helps prevent mold growth in the washer due to its ability to neutralize hard water buildup. We recommend that you use one cup of vinegar or less. However, if you use more than one cup, it might tamper with your scrubs.

  1. Inspect your scrubs

The first step to washing your work scrubs is to inspect them. Check all pockets, seams, and tags for holes and stains. Look over the inside of each scrub top as well—you never know what might be lurking in a hidden pocket or seam! Make sure there are no loose threads that could unravel during washing or cause irritation against sunburned skin. If you find any stains inside your scrubs, it may be worth investing in different scrubs just for home use.

Finally, please look at your scrub pants: check that they’re not too tight around the legs so that water won’t get trapped there when you wash them; also, make sure there aren't any loose threads from stitching holding up.

  1. Wash Inside Out

Wash inside out to keep the stitches from being exposed to the elements. Wash inside out to support the seams from being exposed to the elements. Wash inside out to keep the colors from bleeding. However, at Azur Scrubs Company, we offer the best nursing scrubs that do not fade quickly.

  1. Wash in Warm Water

To keep the fabric soft and minimize shrinking, it’s best to wash your nurse scrub uniform in warm water. Don’t worry; this won't cause them to shrink any further than they already have. Washing in cold water may cause your scrubs to shrink! Scrubs are made of cotton or polyester blends to handle hot and cold water equally. However, when the temperature gets too high, you risk melting some of the dyes used in manufacturing medical scrub tops. For this reason, we recommend sticking with a warm rinse cycle on your washing machine for all of your medical uniforms.

  1. Dry Using Medium Heat

You may be tempted to crank the heat on your dryer so that you can speed up the process. Don't do this! High heat will shrink your work scrubs and make them uncomfortable to wear. Instead, use medium heat, warm enough to dry clothes but not hot enough to damage them.

You need to purchase more than two pairs of scrubs at Azur Scrubs Company so you don't have to hurry when you are drying your scrubs.