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What Makes Work Scrubs So Comfortable?

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What Makes Work Scrubs So Comfortable?

The medical profession is one of the most demanding jobs today. Nurses and doctors spend long hours making rounds and attending to patients. These rounds became more grueling with the pandemic. While a doctor may stand all day, tending to patients, nurses only get to sit for a few minutes. Comfy work scrubs greatly ease stress and movement for a job requiring long-standing hours. Read on to know what makes scrubs so comfortable.


Key Things To Consider When Buying Comfortable Work Scrubs

Are you looking to purchase a nurses' scrub uniform? Below are factors to consider before making a purchasing decision.

  • Pockets

While many individuals love outfits that come with pockets, it's a must-have for healthcare workers. The best nursing scrubs enable you to carry items everywhere, like a pen, wads of notes, paper, etc. Depending on your preference, some scrubs feature zip-up pockets, cargo pockets, mesh-lined pockets, pen pockets, etc. You can check nursing scrubs online for your choice. For extra breathability when tucking your hands in the pockets, mesh-lined pockets may be a better choice. If you want your pockets to serve specific functions, you can opt for those with pen pockets. Irrespective of your choice, pockets are important as you don't need to juggle items.

  • Durability

How durable are your scrubs? Typically, nurses' scrub uniforms are built to last, but durability differs in fabric and quality. When choosing scrubs, check if your preferred choice can withstand friction and wear and tear. Can the scrubs take multiple washes? Consider this before shopping for nursing scrubs online. Ensure you invest in durable scrubs.

  • Fit

Another factor that makes for a comfy nurses' scrub uniform is fit. How well do your scrubs fit your physique? Does it give you a flattering look? Do you feel comfortable wearing them? While it's important you choose the best nursing scrubs, you shouldn't sacrifice fit, comfort, and functionality for fashion. At Azur Scrubs, we prioritize all three to give you a suitable nurse scrub uniform.

  • Softness

Scrubs are available in different fabrics, whether cotton, polyester, and other blends. A comfy fabric should be soft on your skin. Bear that in mind before buying nursing scrubs online. Also, you'll be wearing the scrubs for long shifts; you don't have to deal with tough fabrics pricking your skin. If you want a comfy and soft fabric, choose cotton scrubs.


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