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What To Wear Under Work Scrubs In Summer?

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What To Wear Under Work Scrubs In Summer?

For doctors and nurses, work scrubs are an essential part of their wardrobes. After all, they wear scrubs almost every day. Your work scrubs are always on you when at work since it is your uniform. And whether the weather is hot or cold, you find yourself wearing a scrub uniform. Although work scrubs are simple designs that fit your job, sometimes even the best nursing scrubs might not be comfortable, depending on the weather. 

Either for extra coverage or warmth, your scrubs can be worn in multiple ways such as:

Long-Sleeve Shirt - Long sleeve shirt is a good layer that can be worn under your nurse scrub uniform. This type of shirt should be fitted but not tight. Since it'll be worn as long as the scrub is on you, go for something comfortable.

Under Scrubs Shirts - wear tees under your work scrubs. Go for quality ones that can also be worn after taking off your scrub.

Also, when buying tees for your nursing scrubs online, tees that adapt to the climate are good choices. 

Bicycle Shorts / Spandex Shorts - This is a good choice for covering panty lines. Spandex Shorts are comfortable, smooth layers—a good choice for under scrubs.


What To Wear Under Work Scrubs In Summer?

Seasons affect your choice of work scrubs layers. For instance, while you may have the best nursing scrubs when winter comes, you will need to go for layers of nurse scrub uniforms to keep you warm. What about during summer? Of course, you need a layer for coverage but not additional warmth. For the summer season, here are what to wear under scrubs.

Fitted Tank Tops - As mentioned earlier, tank tops are a good layer choice for the summer season.

*Note: Do not go for tank tops made from cotton, as they tend to stick to your scrubs.

Fitted Short-Sleeve Shirts - Fitted shirts are recommended. However, when shopping for these shirts, go for those made of materials that can wick moisture. 

Spandex Shorts or Bicycle Shorts - These shorts also provide extra coverage. So when in search of layers to wear under scrub pants, go for spandex or bicycle shorts that also have a moisture-wicking feature.


Things To Avoid With Underscrubs?

You should carefully consider what to wear under your work scrubs. Remember that while you are after comfortability, a wrong choice of layers could put you in an awkward position.

Layers that cause people to focus on your clothes instead of your expertise should be avoided. Wouldn't it look unprofessional when your loose shirt pops out under your nurse scrub uniform? For reasons like this and others, do not wear loose layers.

Also, pay attention to what the layers are made from. You don't want to get layers that make you uncomfortable at work.


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