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How Iron Medical Work Scrubs

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How Iron Medical Work Scrubs

Are you in nursing school or an RN working in a health facility? Do you want to keep your medical scrubs clean and tight? Azur Scrubs Company has the quality scrubs you need to last for long.

Azur Scrubs Company is a trusted provider of high-quality work scrubs for nurses and other healthcare professionals. We have a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

It is essential for our customers to feel comfortable in their nurse scrub uniforms. Our scrubs are designed with comfort in mind so that they are not too tight or too loose on your body type. Look for high-quality medical scrubs; look no further than Azur Scrubs Company! Get your nursing scrub online today with simple steps!

Let’s look at tips on how to iron your medical scrub.


Ironing Scrubs on an Ironing Board

The best way to iron your work scrubs is by laying them on an ironing board. It is the best method because it eliminates wrinkles and prevents burning or scorching your scrubs, which can happen when you hang them up and press them later. The heat from a hanging garment can damage the fabric over time, so it’s best to avoid this altogether by using an ironing board instead of a clothes hanger.


Use The Lowest Temperature Setting.

You should use the lowest temperature setting for your particular type of fabric.

It's important to remember that different fabrics require different ironing temperatures to avoid burning or melting them. If you don't know the specific temperature, find out from the Azur Scrub Company. We always indicate washing symbols in our nurse’s scrub uniforms, including ironing temperatures.


Allow The Garment to Cool

Ensure that the clothing item is thoroughly excellent before removing it from the ironing board. This will prevent any steam burns or other injuries associated with hot clothing.

Also, please don't touch your work scrubs until they have cooled down (unless you are wearing gloves). When a garment is still warm or hot, it can quickly burn your skin and cause injury.


Ironing Scrubs of Different Fabrics

We have all the best nursing scrubs for you, including cotton, polyester, spandex, and Rayon. However, you might be challenged in ironing these fabrics; don’t worry; we will guide you.

When it comes to ironing cotton scrubs and polyester and rayon blends, you should be able to iron them quickly without problems. However, if your uniform is made with spandex or any other type of stretch fabric, you may want to follow these guidelines:

Please turn off the steam function on your iron and set it on medium heat.

Start by placing an old towel or fabric over the area you’ll iron. This will protect both the garment from getting damaged in case of a spill and save yourself from washing an entire uniform when only a single sleeve got wet during use!

Iron inside-out so as not to damage any graphics or embroidery that has been sewn into place by machine sewing professionals.