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Are There Any Restrictions To The Scrubs I Can Wear?

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Are There Any Restrictions To The Scrubs I Can Wear?

Yes. Although scrubs can sometimes feel like an extension of yourself, they shouldn’t be worn everywhere, and as a nurse, surgeon, or hospital employee, you should know that the scrubs attire comes with a lot of responsibility.


Wearing Scrubs In Public

Scrubs should not be worn in public. Scrub wear comes in various colors, patterns, and styles, and this does not mean that they should be worn outside the hospital. Not only are they a  major fashion blunder, but also because they could be a hazard.


Professional medical attire

Scrubs are official medical attire, which means that they should be respected as such. It would be best if you didn’t go shopping or out on a date while wearing your scrubs. Mishandling scrubs can cause a severe health risk, especially if dealing with patients suffering from contagious conditions.

They should only be removed in a sterile environment and only wear scrubs in the hospital and remove them when you leave to avoid contamination.


Why do people wear doctor scrubs in public?

People would love to wear scrubs in public because people in the medical field tend to have a high status in society. When people see you wearing scrubs, you are most likely to feel a boost of ego, and the media has made it easy to think that wearing scrubs outside the hospital is acceptable.


The Do’s and Don'ts of Scrubs


You can wear your scrubs if you need to grab a snack or cup of coffee before work, but make sure that you are not wearing the same scrubs you had on while in the OR or while handling patients who are immunocompromised.

You could wear your scrubs when doing some light housework such as cleaning or painting, but then ensure to wash them using a disinfectant when you are done and dry them properly.



Please avoid wearing scrubs if you visit a friend in a hospital because, apart from making it confusing for everyone, you are also at risk of transmitting some harmful infections to the patient.

Never wear stained or soiled scrubs, and do not wear them when going to parties.


What can hospitals do?

Hospitals and other institutions that wear scrubs should ensure a safe place where nurses, doctors, and other health workers can change from scrubs into their clothes.

The hospital should also ensure that they have a laundry service dedicated to washing the scrubs in a safe way that disinfects them and makes them ready for use.

The hospital must develop a set of rules and restrictions on scrubs that must be adhered to by all staff.