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Should I wear a mask with my scrubs?

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Should I wear a mask with my scrubs?

Yes. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has continuously emphasized that scrubs attire with a mask for your face is the best recommendation for anyone looking to stay safe. This basically means that all meds wear scrubs with masks whenever they are in their working environment.

CDCP also said that healthcare workers should still refer to their infection prevention and control recommendations and guidance when managing the current situation.


What do Face Masks do?

Face masks have played a major role in the mobility of humans during the COVID-19 pandemic, and systemically wearing scrubs is considered to control the spread of the virus through droplets. It provides an effective barrier that fights the virus.

The current information that vaccinated people should not wear masks is not correct, and the rule that all med wear scrubs every day with their masks is a must.

A mask for your face is among the many hospital requirements. Operational hygiene teams are busy teaching healthcare workers how to wear masks for efficiency and effectiveness.


Should Masks be worn inside Healthcare Facilities?

Yes. Again the CDCP is stringent on this. People should continue wearing masks in clinics, hospitals, and even doctor’s offices. Here’s why;

  • Masks act as a protective barrier between the patients and the medical personnel.
  • Masks help prevent the spread of infections.
  • Masks ensure that everyone is safe in any environment.
  • Masks will especially control the spread of COVID-19.

Why do the regulations keep changing?

Because scientists and researchers are still trying to understand the intricacies of the new infection, it is, therefore, necessary to keep wearing masks with your scrubs attire, especially if you are a medical professional.

Wearing masks provides an effective way of protecting everyone, even when they are vaccinated since more discoveries are still being made about the COVID-19 virus. First responders and caregivers should always have an adequate supply of professional masks to protect themselves and their patients.

With more and more people getting the COVID-19 vaccines, there’s a likelihood of having some of the rules reversed, but this will not change any time soon for the medical community.


The Effects of having a mask for your face

Of course, as much as a mask for your face provides a protective layer against infection, it has some side effects as well, such as causing a bilateral headache. This is true for most medics who wear a mask for prolonged periods.

Additionally, face masks are likely to cause perioral dermatitis, including redness and rashes. This infection of the skin and the mouth is due to sweat and saliva and moist vapour between you and the mask.

But, regardless of how bad it gets, wearing a mask for your face is still the best protection on top of your scrub wear. Scrubs alone are not enough to protect a medical professional from harm.