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Do The Different Color Scrubs Mean Anything?

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Do The Different Color Scrubs Mean Anything?

Yes. Scrubs do come in a variety of colors, and each color does have a symbolic meaning. Some hospitals will assign different colors to specific staff members to avoid confusion, while others will leave it up to individual choice.


What do different color scrubs mean?

Here’s a look at scrub color meaning.



This is a traditional color that was previously worn by nurses and lab scientists in most hospitals, and it was designed to symbolize purity and cleanliness. However, it has fallen out of fashion for most hospitals as it’s difficult to get stains out of the white scrubs.



This is an excellent choice for scrubs, though dull, but, if you wish to appear formal at the place of work, then wearing black scrubs is a great option.



Brown is basically khaki in the scrub world, and it gives off a down-to-earth and neutral vibe that makes it great when you want to appear trustworthy.



This color is associated with royalty, although it is considered less professional compared to the other colors. For this reason, purple is not a popular choice for medical staff and is mainly found with pediatric nurses.



This is the most popular color for medical attire, and this is because blue evokes a feeling of dependability and trust, plus it helps ease anxiety.



This evokes a feeling of healing and peace. It makes the medical setting extra appropriate, and it is a top choice for most hospitals as the stains do not show easily.



Yellow scrubs are connected to warmth and happiness. When medical personnel are in yellow, they appear to be cheery and happy.



This scrub color, just like yellow, has an uplifting feeling, and it is an excellent choice for fall.



Red, as a medical attire, is not standard, and this is because it is associated with blood, wrongdoings, and warnings.



Pink is an excellent scrubs color as it is caring and nurturing. It makes a perfect choice for medical staff working with children, and is ideal for festivities.


What Is The Best Color For Doctors?

Most doctors will commonly wear blue scrubs. Royal blue and navy blue are also great options, but this is not a rule, and most hospitals will exercise their choice when it comes to medical attire for their doctors.


Which is the best color for nurses?

Nurses will mostly wear a lighter shade of blue to be distinguished from the doctors and surgeons. Traditionally, a nurse should wear white, but as mentioned above, this is hard to clean.


What is the best color for medical assistants?

Medical assistants do not have a specific color of scrubs, and they can be found in anything from pink to navy, depending on the hospital.