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Nursing Scrubs: Here’s Why Solid Scrub Tops Are The Best

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Nursing Scrubs: Here’s Why Solid Scrub Tops Are The Best

Did you know that before 1914, all the nursing scrubs, also known as nursing uniforms, were white? 

Imagine how bright the hospitals looked. They were so bright that surgeons got headaches from looking at the white scrubs for too long. 

But now, you have an array of choices when choosing your scrubs. 

If you are in your nursing scrubs all the time then, it’s only fair to get you into something more relaxing. 


What Are Solid Scrub Tops?

Solid tops are nursing scrubs whose tops are in one color. They have no prints or patterns. When thinking about solid tops, we mostly think gray, blue, and green. But, just like during the white scrub era, medical apparel is quickly evolving in the present decade. 

It is no secret that color can speak volumes about your personality and mood. In this era of medicine, you get to express that freely. You can now choose any color for your solid scrub tops, from classic green and blue to chic and cute pink or even peach. 

Some facilities use the colors to differentiate departments, but if you’re lucky enough to work in a facility that gives you the freedom to choose your scrub color, don’t waste it. 

Play around with the colors and determine which shade of solid scrub tops flatters you most and makes you feel your best. 

You deserve that!


Why Wear A Solid Scrub Top Instead of Nursing Scrubs?

Easy To Style

Adding a nice contrasting color of a zipper or bordered pockets and a contrasting neckband to the solid top takes it to the next level. 

Many nurses wear a white long-sleeved T-shirt beneath the scrub top, bringing out a nice casualness to the scrubs. 


Variety Of Colors

With solid scrub tops, you won’t have to struggle to find a color you like. They come in literally every color you can imagine. That makes it easy to choose since you pick the medical apparel that makes you look and feel your best!


It Speaks Volumes

Colors can help express your mood and personality. Different patients can also interpret and react to different colors. 

Therefore, you can pick bright colors if you have a happy and bubbly personality. You can also wear scrubs with colors that soothe the eyes of the patient. Wearing a solid peach or pink top may be a color that is easy on the eyes of your patients.  


It Shows Boldness And Confidence

Everyone wants their nurse or surgeon to be confident. It shows that they know what they are doing. Solid scrub tops bring out that confidence. They are a show of professionalism and boldness. 

Wearing solid medical scrub tops can increase a patient’s trust and confidence in you!


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