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Medical Scrubs: Are They The Same As Lab Coats?

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Medical Scrubs: Are They The Same As Lab Coats?

Well. No. Medical Scrubs and lab coats are both medical apparel used by hospital personnel such as nurses and doctors but they are two distinct uniforms. They are not the same.

They are used in hospital settings to cover and protect the medical staff from contamination. 

As hospital uniforms, they signify professionalism and ensure that the medical institution is presented in good light. 

Medical scrubs and lab coats help in differentiating between patients, nurses, and doctors.

Picking the right protection wear for your medical workers will help in keeping the work environment safe and clean. 

Using protective wear suited to a specific work environment positively impacts those that wear them.


Main Differences Between These Two Hospital Uniforms:

A Lab Coat

This is usually a coat with an outer protective cloth. Previously lab coats were solely white but now come in a variety of colors, but for doctors, the color has to be white.

They are made in different styles and can either be a unisex coat or a gender-specific coat. 

They are commonly used in different settings and are often made using different types of materials. 

Usually, they measure between 42 and 53 inches and the long coats are worn by doctors while nurses wear the shorter ones. 

Medical scrubs

They are fairly new compared to lab coats. They comprise a set of cotton tops and cotton pants and are easy to wear, which is why most hospitals prefer them.

They were first used in operating rooms but are now worn everywhere in the hospital. 

They are the preferred choice for doctors and nurses in emergency and surgery posts. The best part: they are available in every color imaginable.

Now, as much as lab coats are versatile, scrubs are much more. 

Lab coats are perceived to be more formal than scrubs, but as time goes by, scrubs are taking over the medical world, and everyone is preferring them over lab coats.

This is because they have the following benefits:

  • They are more comfortable
  • They are easy to move around with.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain,
  • They tend to be cleaner compared to white lab coats. 
  • They are a low-cost option and can be readily disposed of when necessary.

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