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How Long Do Medical Scrubs Last?

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How Long Do Medical Scrubs Last?

When working in a medical facility, you must always look neat and presentable. From head to toe, you must be able to showcase your professionalism. One essential piece of clothing you will wear when at work is your medical scrubs uniform. This is why it is so important to know how long they will last and whether they'll be appropriate for your work environment. 


Factors That Determine How Long Your Medical Scrubs Last

  • Usage

If you wear your hospital uniform every day, they will wear out more quickly than if you only wear them three days per week. The amount of time you spend wearing them also affects their lifespan. Scrub pants that are worn while standing all day will wear out much faster than if they're worn while sitting down.

  • Fabric quality

Although most medical scrubs companies make their scrubs from high-quality fabrics, there are differences in texture and sheen. Some materials are more prone to snagging than others. It's hard to say which fabric is best for your needs — different people prefer different fabrics for various reasons — but one thing to consider is how easily the fabric wears out under regular use.

  • Your job role

If you are a nurse working in a busy pediatric hospital or ER, you will likely be expected to move quickly and hustle from one patient to the next; this means your scrub bottoms will get lots of wear and tear during your shift. There may be days when you need to change scrubs many times throughout the day, resulting in more washing, wear, and replacement.

The clinical teams are increasingly required to wear scrubs that are color-coded by job function or department. That means each set of scrubs needs to be coordinated with all the others, so it's not uncommon for healthcare facilities to have multiple sets of staff uniforms available at any given time.

Because these uniforms are designed for frequent use, they tend to show wear more quickly than other uniform options. Therefore, healthcare workers who want to maintain a professional appearance need to invest in new uniforms every year or two.

  • Weather change

When the seasons change, you will notice that your scrubs will start to wear out faster. When the sun is stronger, and the air is more humid, they will get stained much quicker than they did before. Scrub shirts with short sleeves would be ideal in the hotter summer months to keep cool and comfortable. Scrubs made of heavier materials would be preferable in the winter to keep you warm.


Trends in the fashion world of medical scrubs

The healthcare industry is constantly changing. That being said, doctors and nurses aren't immune to fashion trends, especially when they come from celebrities or other icons in their field. If a particular uniform style becomes popular among healthcare providers, it may be time to buy a new set of scrubs. 

In the end, when it comes to medical apparel, there is no hard and fast rule for how long they will last. It depends on several factors related to the frequency of use of a particular piece of clothing. This can range from one outfit lasting just a few days to an outfit lasting several months. Remember to be careful with your medical scrubs, and they should last you a good while.

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