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Do You Wear Clothes Under Scrubs?

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Do You Wear Clothes Under Scrubs?

Medical spaces are usually very cold. Sadly, medics do not have the luxury of wearing jackets and sweaters over or under their scrubs. As a practicing or prospective health care practitioner, you might be wondering what you wear underneath scrubs. It is acceptable and convenient to wear your clothes underneath your scrubs in some instances. Do you wear clothes under scrubs? Whether to wear clothes under scrubs is a common question among technologists, medical assistants, and medical office staff. 


Do You Wear Clothes Under Scrubs?

What to wear under medical scrubs depends on the working environment, risk of pathogen spread, and cleanliness. Without wearing the proper undergarments, you will struggle cold and itchy. Certain situations require you to wear nothing beneath your scrubs. People who work in operating rooms are not allowed to wear exposed clothing underneath their scrubs. They are required to maintain a high level of cleanliness and sterility; they mostly wear short-sleeved scrubs and the sensitive nature of operating rooms.


Is it Professional to Wear Clothes Under Scrubs?

It is more professional if you do not wear any exposed clothing underneath your scrubs. If your workplace allows you to wear something beneath the scrubs, find something comfy and well-fitting. The garments worn underneath scrubs serve the purpose of reducing itching and irritation and keeping you warm. They should not draw attention.

Remove all jewelry on your hands and wrists for sanitary reasons. It is recommended to only wear what is comfortable and easy to clean scrubs and under-scrub clothing in the case of an emergency. Under scrub clothing should not show through the scrubs.


How to Wear Scrubs

There are standard guidelines on how to wear scrubs. The scrubs you choose should ensure comfort, foster a sanitary environment, and provide convenience. Scrubs should adequately fit, giving you flexibility and not being restrictive. Cotton is preferred because it is light, breathable, and doesn’t cause skin irritation.  

Your scrubs should fit well, be well pressed, and be clean. You must choose scrubs that guarantee your comfort as a medical practitioner since you spend lots of time in them. You should also pick scrubs for the right season. Being too warm or cold during your shift will reduce your productivity. Depending on the facility’s policy, you should opt for the right under scrub clothing.  


What Do Nurses Wear Under Scrubs?

Like other medical professionals, nurses usually wear the allowed under scrub clothing. Scrub undershirts are the most common layer worn by nurses underneath scrubs. Long-sleeved t-shirts are not ideal since they aid in contamination and get stained quickly.

The ideal options include layering tank tops, under scrub shirts, spandex shorts, thermal underwear, and bicycle shorts. All clothing worn under scrubs should fit nicely, be flexible, and not restrictive.


What Do You Wear Under Scrubs?

Your under-scrub clothing will vary depending on the color of scrubs you wear, the type of scrubs, and seasons.